Saturday, September 29, 2012

REVIEW: "Uno!" by Green Day

I must admit that I was predisposed to hate this album. When I first heard that Green Day were abandoning the depth and themeatic complexity that they embraced on 2003's brilliant "American Idiot" and (to a lesser extent) 2009's "21st Century Breakdown", I kind of already knew where my opinion would probably be headed. I type all of this to say that if you are a fan of derivative, bland pop-punk, then pay no attention to what I have to say from this point on.

Still here? Great. "Uno!" is about the most boring thing I've listened to all year. Across 12 obnoxiously simple, power chord-bashing, stale songs, the best thing I can say about this album is that it is well-produced. That's it. No standout tracks, no super-catchy choruses, no brilliant drum fills or bass licks, no lyrical poignancy, no startling originality. Whereas "American Idiot" shocked us all with its surprising seriousness, rock operatics, and general darkness, "Uno!" pretty much gives us "Dookie" without the newness or fun.

There truly is not much more I can write about this album. It simply is a boring, pedantic piece of pop-punk with no reason for a second visit. Do yourself a favor and spend your time elsewhere.


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